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Orb avoidance 2
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Descrição: Orb Avoidance is back, with a new graphical style and more changing gameplay. Mouse avoid to the next level by fighting back against your chasers and smashing them into the blocks. Orb Avoidance 2 tries to keep the exciting gameplay of its predecessor, but with an all new graphical design and a new change. Blocks can now explode after a certain amount of time, and there are special blocks that will always explode and make more orbs Update 2: Added another option, to turn off Orb trails so it’s much faster to play in the later levels. IMPORTANT UPDATE (1): The game has been changed to play more like Orb 1 – there is now an option to turn exploding blocks off (static balls will still explode). Trippy effects have been increased. It should also be faster laster in the game, as it has been optimized. There are two score statistics, one for exploding, and one without. Audio by ParagonX9

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