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Strike back
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Descrição: Kevin is the commander of team tiger. This team is very experienced in rnrnshooting long targets and also very skilled in rescue operations. Team rnrntiger has successfully completed many advance operations under Kevin’s rnrnorders. Today Kevin’s team members have got one month holidays to enjoy rnrnwith their family and they left to their home. Now Kevin is alone in the rnrnhead quarter and collection information of activities going on in the rnrnarmy base. While looking at the radar monitor Kevin noticed three armed rnrnbased are not responding to his command and came to know that this three rnrnarmy bases have been captured by the enemies and he want to save the rnrnbases by killing all the enemies. He is alone and he need your help to rnrnkill the enemies. Give him a helping hand and help him to aim and shoot rnrnthe enemies accurately. Reload the gun regularly and don’t get hits from rnrnthe enemies.

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