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Castle (lite)
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Descrição: Monarchs come to you with a specific castle request, and your job is to build their dream palace piece by piece before the deadline without making mistakes. In the meantime, enemies come in and try to break your castle. They will try to burn it, explode it or even steal the pieces but you must get rid of them with the right items to reclaim control! In "Protect the Castle" mode, you must keep the pre-made castles intact as much as possible by dealing with swarms of enemies attempting to take over... thankfully you have unlimited items in this frantic mode since the enemies are unlimited, too! This is a lite version (demo) of our game Castle. It has 6 levels for the Normal mode and 1 round of "Protect the Castle" (this mode is unlocked when you clear the 6th level) The game seems easy at first but you will see that it gets challenging!

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