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Words all around
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Descrição: Words All Around is a new highscores word search game! The game contains 6 different game modes and global leaderboards (you can compare your score with other people all around the world) How to play: Press and hold the left mouse button and move over 3-10 adjacent letters to create a word! Release the left mouse button to submit the word! The game recognizes if the word exists or not. Get the best score possible and submit it to see who is the best in finding the words! Remember, longer words = better score! You can submit your score whenever during the gameplay by pressing the X button in the top left corner.Game modes:- Classic - you have exactly 180 seconds to get the best score possible!- Challenge - each word created from 5+ letters will add new letters, otherwise the letters will be removed.- 20 Words - you are limited by 20 words, get the best score possible!- 10 Words - you are limited by 10 words, get the best score possible!- 60 Letters - you can create words from 60 letters on screen only. Get the best score possible!- Fair Play - the same as 60 letters, but all the players get the same letters to play with!Features:- addicting word search game- 6 different game modes- global leaderboards included - compare your score with other people all around the world - no registration required- great fun for the whole family- review your words at the end of the game- review the score of other people - press the TROPHY icons in the game menu

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