Categoria: Tiro e Pontaria

This is a crazy big escape game. Have you heard of the squid game? Have you ever played wooden man? If you fail, you will be killed! Start the game, when the girl's back is to you, [...]
Aim, match and smash all the colorful monster bubbles in this relaxing color matching adventure. To break the bubbles, you need to connect three or more bubbles of the same color t [...]
Bubble Shooter Saga is a multi-level bubble shooter game. The goal of the game is to help the cute Teddy bear collect the items that are hidden among the colored bubbles. Complete [...]
Battlefield Elite 3D is an io multiplayer battle game. Players will be in a pixel-style battle, constantly destroying enemies, upgrading equipment, and winning! W/A/S/D controls ch [...]
Shoot to military vehicles and destroy by using 100 rockets. tap on the gun to fire or press "A" key and "L" key to fire.
Robots have taken over your home, please destroy them. WADS / Mouse
This is interesting fun tank strategy game. On beginning of every level you need to buy tanks and fuel to complete the mission. When level begin place your tanks on strategical pos [...]
Sniper Reloaded features• 2 amazing maps • Realistic physics• Addictive gameplay• Score ranking system • Left mouse click to shoot• Keep right mouse click pressed or use mouse scro [...]
Hit the duck is a fun shooting game Hit the ducks as much as you can, earn more points and be the first in the ranking, or be quick to recharge your weapon so you do not waste time
You are elite sniper and your mission is to shoot all enemy forces on the battlefield. Use the mouse to play
Use your modern sniper rifle to shoot all enemy forces on the warzone. Use the mouse to play
Shoot the aliens! Will you escape ? Click/touch to shoot.Reload when needed.