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Enter in the craziest aqua park in a competition on the biggest slide ever seen, you will find this game easy to play and funny. Features • Simple, fun, gameplay • Good graphics AD [...] is fun addictive io game.You have to compete with 3 other players and eliminate them to win the game. Use mouse or arrow keys to play the game features: - addictive match 3 gameplay - very good candy graphics - multiple levels - multiple game modes Use mouse to play
In you must prevent crashes. You can stop and start cars by clicking on them. The game is quite complicated in a few seconds. Use mouse to play the game is a fun Minecraft style game. Eat cakes, cookies, cooked fish and everything you find to grow in size while you are small, most importantly do not eat poisonous pot [...]
Tap to spread the color all over the tile in this interesting puzzle game. Use mouse or touch to play the game Use mouse or Touch to play the game - it is a free browser multiplayer Shrek style game. Shrek and the donkey are two inseparable friends who are ready for anything for the first place in this difficult bat [...]
War is here! The most skilled soldiers were chosen to fight in one of the two teams. On one side, the blue team. This team is fighting for peace and democracy. They want this war t [...]
Connect pipes and solve the puzzle to water the flower and make them grow. Use your mouse or touch to play the game Use your mouse or touch to play the game
The big fish eats the little one.....! Mouse or Touch is a massive snow fight. Join the massive multiplayer snow fight! Increase the size of the snowball and hit them on the opponents to shake them off the playing field. [...]
You play a role of a Saviour Virus, which is intentionally injected in a Covid-19 patient to fight against Corona Viruses & kill them. Your goal is become virus with biggest no [...]