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Survive on the roof as you try to knock your 3 opponents off of the edge. 4 player rooftop battle game with a variety of maps, skins and weapons. Use tap controls or W key to jump [...]
Deer Hunter 3D is a 3D game where you can get prepared for hunting, a great simulator where your shooting skills will be improved. Take your sniper and practice over the moving mec [...]
Soldier! The enemy bases need to be taken down. Around the globe are multiple enemy bases where dangerous weapons are created. The rebels threaten to wipe out the entire humanity. [...]
Take down your targets as quickly as possible in this action packed 3D stickman sniper game. WASD keys to move Mouse to shoot or use tap controls
Sniper Reloaded features• 2 amazing maps • Realistic physics• Addictive gameplay• Score ranking system • Left mouse click to shoot• Keep right mouse click pressed or use mouse scro [...]
Sniper Mission 3D is fun addictive action adventure shooting game.Shoot your target to reach on another level and you can also upgrade your weapons.If you love the shooting game th [...]
You are elite sniper and your mission is to shoot all enemy forces on the battlefield. Use the mouse to play
Use your modern sniper rifle to shoot all enemy forces on the warzone. Use the mouse to play
Pay attention to protecting yourself, the evil forces have also hired a group of snipers. They are hiding in the dark and ambushing you - the patron saint of the city. Be prepared [...]